Bucharest 2011 - Programme

A strong system of social security as protection for workers against the impact of the economic crisis

1th and 2nd of September 2011 - Bucharest

Organised by Euromf vzw

Supported financially by the European Union

Social security is built by a solidarity mechanism for employees, employers and government. The strength of this system is the factor solidarity. A strong system is capable to built a wall against poverty and is also a strong protection against economical crises. But the big question is: what is the sustainability of this solidarity while nowadays liberalization is the economical hype to solve all problems.

Within this whole system of social security we zoom in on the pillar pension and the pillar health and disability insurance during this seminar.

Moreover, the current economic crisis causes policy measures that make shrink social protection in most European countries. Is there room for solidarity in this context? Are we growing on one hand towards a small first legal pillar based on principals of solidarity and insurance and on the other hand towards a big second free market pillar only based on the liberal principals of insurance?

In other words: does Europe works on a social security system as an economical (financial) challenge rather than a social challenge with economical aspects? How are the social organizations (the so called Middlefield organizations) involved in the process of building a real European social security system? How can social security survive in a European common market without common definition of public services?

But we also seek to broaden knowledge and share experiences from our own practice: projects of social and civil society on these topics in several old and new EU member states will be presented during this seminar. This way of exchange and dialogue will work inspiring for actions who matters in changing European policy.

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